How do I change my password?

Navigate to your account dashboard, by clicking the icon next to the cart at the top right hand side of the screen.
Within your account dashboard, click on “edit your password and account details” as seen here.

Enter your current password, and then enter the new one you would like to change it to.

Complete the process by clicking “Save Changes”

Can I hold my order, how much notice do I need to give?

To hold your order, we require one weeks notice. This gives us plenty of time to hold payments and organize to hold your food order. To hold your order please phone 0800 10 10 11 to speak to a coordinator or email them directly.

Can I change my delivery address?

Yes, you can change your address under “your account”

How do I track my delivery?

Your delivery day is set up to your account but we still advise delivery via email. If you are outside of the Waikato you will receive a track and trace number with NZC. If you are local your meals will be delivered locally via NZC.

Can I view my past orders?

Yes, you can view past orders under “My account”

How do I cancel my 10 Week Challenge or my meal subscription?

We require 1 weeks notice to cancel down any program.
If you are on the 10 Week Challenge there is no cancellation fee.
You can organize this by phoning a coordinator on 0800 101011 or emailing them directly.

When does my order have to be updated by?

We require your meal change to be in at 5 days before your delivery day. All meals are cooked fresh with fresh produce – in order to deliver a fresh service we have to order in our fresh produce, cook it, chill it then pack it then send. The more notice the better. If your order does not make the cut off it will be updated for the following week.

How can I find out which meals are best for my dietary requirements?

Once set up for a weekly order you would have discussed any dietary requirements you may have. You can refine your search on the meals page to suit.
Please note: due to large amounts of production we cannot alter any recipes, all meals come as packed on the website.

Can I change the size of my meals and how?

Simply call 0800 101011 or email your coordinator to request this. We must have one weeks notice as payments and orders will have to be altered.

How can I change my meals?

Changing your meals is easy! Simply select the 12 meals you want in your order and then proceed to checkout. You will be prompted to use your individual coupon “Useme”, and after reconfirming shipping details click checkout to confirm the order.
These will then be changed by your challenge co-ordinator

Can I add extra meals to my order?

Your order is only set up for what is paid for in your weekly payments, if you wish to add meals to your order you must call and consult with a coordinator but keeping in mind we still need 5 days notice.

How do I store meals?

Once you have received your Muscle Fuel order store them in the refrigerator as soon as possible.

We recommend storing your meals in the refrigerator to ensure freshness, however, freezing your meals is also possible.

Muscle Fuel Promotions

Challengers are exempt from any Muscle Fuel promotions or competitions.


Is exercise compulsory on my 10 Week Challenge?

No, but being active is encouraged. Our meals are the perfect weight loss tool but for best results, additional physical activity will complement the program. Follow exercises online or add some low impact exercise such as walking or cycling into your day.

How do my “cheat” meals work?

With the 10 Week Challenge, it provides 6 lunches and 6 dinners, this allows for 2 meals off a week. Use them however you like. We encourage to be smart with these meals and not overindulge or binge as this may affect your goals.

What snacks do you recommend on the10 Week Challenge?

We have a snack guide under the nutrition menu. For more inspiration follow our community page.

What do I do after my challenge?

We’d love to have you stay on board with us! Our meals offer not only a healthy alternative but a convenient one. Speak with your success coach to see what program you can continue with after the challenge.